Almost Christmas!

It’s that time of year when someone in the team says:”Isn’t it time we got the Christmas folders out?”. Well we are obviously well into autumn and we can’t put it off much longer, so this is the week when we start. We’ll dust off our old favourites and practise again some of the music hand-written for us by our predecessors but also plan to extend our seasonal repertoire.
We are pleased to have been invited again by Ockbrook Parish Council to play outside the Royal Oak for the switch on of the Christmas Lights. This will take place on Friday 20th November at 7.00 pm. We have had great fun at this event in past years.
For more information or if you would like to visit us on a practice day to try your hand, e-mail at:


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1 Response to Almost Christmas!

  1. Faith Ransom says:

    You are up bright and early! Nice write up Sheila. I have been clicking on the link every so often. Faithx Sent from my iPad


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